zondag 30 januari 2011

ZTs inspired by the theme Spring on Flickr's Dutch Zentangle group

I'd like to share those wonderful, amazing and beautiful Zentangles made by my dear Zentangle friends on our Flickr group Dutch Zentangles, based on the theme Spring.

The first one is made by Rooike1 (Jeanet), a very talented woman who's become a very dear Zentangle friend of mine. It's called "A bit of spring".

The second ZT is made by Kraai65, a woman with many talents as you can see on her Flickr Photostream. This one is called "Lente (Spring)".

This third one is from Sandra van der Geest, a "newbie" amongst the Zentanglers. She just wanted to give it a try once and participated with the following ZT, which I think is gorgeous. More ZTs by Sandra's hand to follow...

Fourth in line... Mariet Dronten, please do have a look at her Flickr Photostream. Besides her ZTs she makes extraordinary and beautiful drawings. I think she's a very talented and creative artist. Enjoy her art!

The fifth, spring inspired ZT made by Dinie54, also a "newbie" amongst the Zentanglers. Famous for her gorgeous ATCs, which I really admire.

And last, but surely not the least, a ZT from Yvonne's ATC . A newbie as well on Zentangles. I "met" Yvonne on the SA (Scrappersanonimous)-forum and since then I'm a real fan of her art! She makes gorgeous and extraordinary ATCs, I think she's a stamp-goddess! :-)

Thank you all my dear Zentangle friends for sharing your amazing ZTs with all of us all over the world.

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  1. Lovely site Claudia, thank you for following my blog too! Doodles are so addctive aren't they? Sheila

  2. Owww Claudia dit is kei leuk gedaan... Gaaf .. in taal van je dochter. Maar ehuu the omschrijving ... bloos, bloos. succes hier.

  3. WOW! Great Flickr group!! And wonderful Zentangles!!!