zondag 15 november 2015

Thank you dear ZT friends

Sometimes you just don't have the energy to do anything besides your job, being there for your kids and doing the household. And then all of a sudden you get the urge of expressing yourself by creating something. The energy you seemed to have lost comes back during this creative process. 
Zentangle has always been a very dear friend to me, especially in times when things got rough. You just draw these wonderful repetitive patterns and your mind gets in a calm and meditative state. We are programmed to always strive for results, but with Zentangle it's all about "one stroke at a time" and your state of mind while doing this. 
The Zentangle community is a "family" like I've never met before online. Helpful, open-minded, respectful, supportive....only positive features describe the members of this wonderful Zentangle group.

Thank you all for your support and positive feedback.


Do you remember me?

You'll probably think: "Who is this? I don't know this Claudia person in Zentangle land."
No wonder, since my last post here dates from more than 2 years ago.
This doesn't mean I haven't tangled since 2013, but just not that much as I used to do.

So I think it's time to show you some of my latest "work".
I hope you'll like them.
(Maybe some of you will recognize these from my Facebook page)