dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Challenge # 10 - The Space Between

The weekly challenge on the I am the Diva blog is called "The Space Between" and it's about creating a tile or Zentangle inspired piece being aware of the space between the tangles, leaving some white space. 

Sometimes people do tend to forget that there are no patterns, figures, objects, words etc without space between them. This space defines the object... It's like the saying: ""There's no music without the pause between the music notes" (or something like this...;-)  )

I created a very simple Zentangle with some coloring to emphasize the effect of space between the patterns. Yes, I know it's not my most wonderful Zentangle, but it clearly states what "The Space Between" can mean for your drawing. Or even for your life.... We all need a pause, break, rest every now and then to become more aware of our surroundings and really learn to appreciate what's surrounding us. Don't you think so?

Wow, did I really learn something these past 45 years? LOL ;-)

Okay, here it comes:

A part of me is saying: "Do you really have to share this ZT with other people? It's not such a special or beautiful Zentangle..." But on the other hand, what's wrong with simplicity? Life is already as complicated as it is...

zondag 20 februari 2011

Theme 3 on Dutch Zentangles group: "Geluk" (Happiness or Luck)

The 3rd theme on Flickr's Dutch Zentangle Group is ""Geluk", in English "Happiness" or "Luck". It's how you interpretate the Dutch word Geluk.

To me it stands a.o. for Love, Commitment (as in marriage), having good Luck in your life (every now and then)...

Hopefully I captured this all together in my Zentangle:

zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Especially For You

I made this Zentangle (with the pink ribbon) for a dear colleague/friend, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in January last year. She's had breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy: a lumpectomy is a partial mastectomy, because part of the breast tissue is removed) and radiation therapy during 6 or 7 weeks in 2010. So far she's doing quite well.

Coming Monday her ovaries and oviducts will be surgical removed on her own request. Just as a precaution measurement.
My thoughts are with her!

dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Challenge "Life Imitates Doodles" - Tell Your Story, Be Part of the Art

Sandra Kay Strait (Molossus) had a challenge on her blog Life Imitates Doodles, since I am a huge fan of her Zentangle artwork I decided to participate.
Sandra asked us to do the following for this challenge:
"Well, I ask you to look at a ZT you've just finished (no fair planning ahead of time).  Take note of the movement, the flow, the texture.  Spin it around.  Look at how the dark and light work together.  How do the tangles work together>  How do they resist each other?  What objects seem to appear?  What's the mood?  Do this immediately after you finish, and look, and do not second guess yourself.

Come up with a title based on your immediate impressions.  Then invite your viewers to tell you what they see or feel.  In other words, invite them to invest part of their world experience into yours."
Well, this is what I came up with...
It's titled: "Shattered, but keeping the pieces together"

Shattered: "burst suddenly into pieces, as with a violent blow".

This is what I see in the pattern "Scraper"...shattered, as with a violent blow...of life itself. You burst into pieces, but you know you have to keep the pieces together... using all kinds of strings and finally you succeed. Although it feels like surviving and not living, this is what you are capable of at this moment.

So the strings in this ZT are keeping the patterns (pieces) together.

The L in the righthand corner stands for Linda, a dear old friend of mine from highschool.

donderdag 3 februari 2011

Zentangle swap on Flickr's Dutch ATCs group

Today I received 6 gorgeous Zentangle ATCs from our Dutch ATCs group on Flickr....  As soon as it light enough I'll make pictures and post them here.

What I can show you are my own Zentangle ATCs, since it was light enough in the house to make pictures before I put them in the mail. ;-) 

Waiting for spring to come

Made with micron pigma pen 01 and watercolor pencils.

Kept inside the color

Made with micron pigma black 01, pink 01, green 01 and orange 01 pen.

Hopefully we'll have a Zentangle ATC swap soon again... (hint, hint)

woensdag 2 februari 2011

Birthday present for my father

It's my father's birthday tomorrow, he'll turn 69!
(But he looks much younger!! ;-) ) 
The 3rd of February, so he's an Aquarius.

I'm really "in love" with the Zodiac series I saw on Mariet's Flickr photostream.
Totally inspired by her Zodiac Zentangles I also gave it a try and I think it turned out rather well....

Today it was my day off, so me and my daughter went out to visit him and give him his present (and some "birthday-cash").
I think he was somehow pleasantly surprised with this "unusual" present, which he liked very much.

Happy Birthday, greatest dad of the world!