dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Challenge "Life Imitates Doodles" - Tell Your Story, Be Part of the Art

Sandra Kay Strait (Molossus) had a challenge on her blog Life Imitates Doodles, since I am a huge fan of her Zentangle artwork I decided to participate.
Sandra asked us to do the following for this challenge:
"Well, I ask you to look at a ZT you've just finished (no fair planning ahead of time).  Take note of the movement, the flow, the texture.  Spin it around.  Look at how the dark and light work together.  How do the tangles work together>  How do they resist each other?  What objects seem to appear?  What's the mood?  Do this immediately after you finish, and look, and do not second guess yourself.

Come up with a title based on your immediate impressions.  Then invite your viewers to tell you what they see or feel.  In other words, invite them to invest part of their world experience into yours."
Well, this is what I came up with...
It's titled: "Shattered, but keeping the pieces together"

Shattered: "burst suddenly into pieces, as with a violent blow".

This is what I see in the pattern "Scraper"...shattered, as with a violent blow...of life itself. You burst into pieces, but you know you have to keep the pieces together... using all kinds of strings and finally you succeed. Although it feels like surviving and not living, this is what you are capable of at this moment.

So the strings in this ZT are keeping the patterns (pieces) together.

The L in the righthand corner stands for Linda, a dear old friend of mine from highschool.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. You are right in your assessment....it is holding together though fragmented...I don't know why but for some reason it makes me think of a picnic. Maybe all the lacy look that reminds me of a tablecloth....I can almost see the ants marching onto the cloth and of course a snake or worm is trying to join the party!

  2. Hmmm. I understand where you can see shattering and fragmentation, but to me this looks like the scene of a ball. Tiffany windows, and crystal chandeliers and skirts fluttering as the dancers whirl across ballroom floor! Beautiful work!

  3. i see a home there,a shattered expensive window you can barely stand to look at,tap pipelines,beautfiul duct wholes,lace tablecloths,little mood lampions,a beautiful breast.all things going in around a house,and an invisible "you" keeping the pieces together !
    very beautiful !

  4. Wat een mega mooie zentangle! Ik vind dat stukje met dat gebroken glas waar die 'slang' doorheen gaat geweldig! Net als de rest trouwens...;-)