zondag 3 juli 2011

A total ZT's block... It feels like I've lost a very very dear friend

Something really strange happened to me after having attended an official Zentangle workshop last May. I experienced a total Zentangler's block!!!

I purchased the official Zentangle tiles and pencil and I managed to make some ZTs the following two days. And then...I got stuck...not a bit, but totally stuck!!!

My precious Zentangles which had accompanied me during a very hard and difficult period in my life didn't give (?) me the mental peace and calm anymore. 

And today it finally struck me.... I tried to tangle according the Official Zentangle way. Using official Zentangle tiles and draw without a pre-planned intention....

I confined myself too much to the meditative part of Zentangle and completely forgot the creative part I like so much. And that doesn't work for me at all.

I will show you my ZTs here and I think you'll notice the lack of enjoyment, inspiration.

It feels like I've lost a very very dear friend..

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I hope you find your enjoyment of doing Zentangles. I don't see lack of inspiration here - I really liked each of these - all had something striking that drew me into them. I sometimes have to push myself to use really different strings and not rely on my favorite patterns. Hope you get the creative muse to return.

  2. Just remember that in Zentangle there are no rules, no correct answer. Use the zentangle format in whatever way works for you! ZIA's (zentangle inspired art) are just as beautiful and take us in so many new and wonderful directions.

  3. Cricky Claudia, tile #7 is smiling and looks happy to me, they all look inspiring so relax, your tangling is wonderful!

  4. Jammer dat je dit zo voelt, Je ZT's zien er toch prachtig uit. Ga lekker aan het werk met je eigen creatieve ingevingen, en dan komt het plezier vanzelf terug.
    Jouw creativiteit kan niet aan regels gebonden worden, dan werkt het niet. Je eigen gevoel geeft je veel meer Zen.
    Veel succes !

  5. Claudia, I think your Zentangles are beautiful! There are no mistakes with Zentangle. You can just enjoy making them. Everyone has their own style and you can do your own thing. No worries! Wish I could remember some Dutch phrases from my Opoe to inspire you!

  6. Claudia, your tangles are beautiful. THey are very different to your usual style, that's for sure. I think you find it confining in such a small space on the tile. Get yourself a large sheet of paper (like A4 size) and draw a giant tangle, circles, whatever, and look at some of your earlier pieces and use bits and pieces from them to inspire you. I think you will get your flair back, no problem. The meditative part is supposed to be part of the creative process, and anyone who tells you differently has got it all wrong.
    Chin up. Sending you a hug across the seas.
    Sydney, Australia

  7. Prachtige Zentangles maak je ,Claudia!
    Ben gelijk volger geworden:-)