zaterdag 30 juli 2011

I am the Diva - Challenge #32

The challenge on the I am the Diva blog is to use a 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch tile, if you still have any left...which I don't. So that's why I drew this one in my A5 notebook.

Use any string you like with these four tangles:
Pais (by Mikee Huber),
Zedbra (by Laura Harms and Margaret Bremner),
Keenees (by Donna Hornsby),
Baton (by Laura Harms).

This is my first Zentangle since last April...and it felt great, fabulous, liberating...etc. etc.

So here's my entry for challenge #32

Today (31st July) I  made another one with the same tangles.... just wanted to show you...

zondag 3 juli 2011

A total ZT's block... It feels like I've lost a very very dear friend

Something really strange happened to me after having attended an official Zentangle workshop last May. I experienced a total Zentangler's block!!!

I purchased the official Zentangle tiles and pencil and I managed to make some ZTs the following two days. And then...I got stuck...not a bit, but totally stuck!!!

My precious Zentangles which had accompanied me during a very hard and difficult period in my life didn't give (?) me the mental peace and calm anymore. 

And today it finally struck me.... I tried to tangle according the Official Zentangle way. Using official Zentangle tiles and draw without a pre-planned intention....

I confined myself too much to the meditative part of Zentangle and completely forgot the creative part I like so much. And that doesn't work for me at all.

I will show you my ZTs here and I think you'll notice the lack of enjoyment, inspiration.

It feels like I've lost a very very dear friend..